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Free live demo "Live In Logan"

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We made the Mp3Unsigned's Billboard Top 2o!!!

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Now you can Torrent (peer to peer download) our Live in Logan Demo!

Just click here Download Nadia Pero - Live in Logan. Pleae note that our demo is our own creation and thus we are violating no copyright laws by distributing it in this fasion. Nadia Pero's 'Live In Logan' Demo is free to the masses.

Obscure Demos Tracks...

Hey all you NP fans out there... Siur Jacob of Bryne has uploaded some of the more obsure demo tracks here on ursession.com. Some home-spun recording for your listening pleasure.


Thank you everybody in attendance of this years

"Annual Denver Santa Pub Crawl"


Nadia Pero's Last Utah Show! Hosted by Why Sound

The local known three piece instrumental rock group Nadia Pero will be playing their last show in Utah on Saturday the 28th hosted by Why Sound.  Jeffrey Fullmer, guitar, and Jacob Bryner, bass guitar, are Utah based while Jacob Johnson, drums, calls Connecticut home.  Over the past year the band has played shows in Logan UT and SLC UT and sustained an adequate following to launch www.nadiapero.com where a 15 track live demo is posted for free download.  "We just want to the exposure really. Why Sound did a beautiful job with the recording... so we want the demo to spread far and wide and we are prepared to rely on our fans and independent music kids to get the word out about Nadia Pero Music.  We use Nadia Pero.com as a base to announce whats going on with the band, the Internet is a powerful medium and if we are going to land a tour or a record deal we plan to use the site heavily to interact with our fans.   (Jeff: Nadia Pero)

Nadia Pero is a combination of three smaller groups: Full Metal Lizard (Jeff Fullmer), J-Dub / Jacobbrynerart.com  (Jake Bryner), and Portrait (Jake Johnson) and nadiapero.com acts as a home for each of these groups as well.


The Preditors Milk Design introduces Jacob Bryner Art!

Jacob Bryner Art


Nadia Pero´s Live CD "Live in Logan" is here!

Nadia Pero's last show @ Why Sound was recorded and the tracks have been mixed down and are now available!Listen and download directly: Click here to download Nadia Pero's Live in Logan. As always, demos are free.For a preburned Demo or live shows on DVD please contact Jeff@Nadiapero.com.

If you already have a Nadia Pero Demo!

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Nadia Pero is a 3 piece rock band based out of Cache Valley Utah and Groton Connecticut. Welcome to our site. Please feel free to join up with one of our social network pages (links on the left) or check out the calander (on the right) to find out about upcoming events. For live recordings check out the Nadia Pero Myspace and the content section.

Nadia Pero Headlines @ Why Sound!

w The Love Puppets and Beta.Chicks



Nadia Pero will be playing Live @ Liquid Joes in SLC on June 23rd!!!

Nadia Pero @ Liquid Joes


Nadia Pero will be playing Live @ Why Sound on June 19th!!!

Come and hear the famed "Balsamic Galbadia". No broken strings! an added bonus!

Live on June 11th @ Why Sound